Duplicate Detection

What is DD?

Datawash uses sophisticated matching systems to identify the same person (or business trading name) at the same address. When name and address data is stored in a variety of lists, Datawash can examine all the lists to find names and addresses that are in more than one list.

This provides great value in matching:
  • marketing/promotion lists with current accounts lists
  • competition entries with existing customer details
  • newly acquired data with current name and address lists

Similarly, Datawash duplicate detection will find recurring matches of names and addresses within a single list. This provides value by:

  • eliminating duplicates and merging account details
  • isolating people at the same address, to examine household mail duplication
  • English language names used to identify people are allowed flexibility that would normally be acceptable – for example ‘Bob’ is the shortened form of ‘Robert’. Similarly, Australian addresses are normalised according to AMAS addressing standards for a greater degree of matching accuracy and precision

Other factors can be added into the process such as date of birth, gender, telephone numbers and client-defined fields. For less granularity, matching can be performed at the address level only to identify individuals who use the same address.

Duplicate Name/Address records can be presented in any form, i.e. Duplicates separated, merged, or flagged.