Telephone Append

What is Telephone number append?

Find or verify Australian telephone numbers for customer records.

With a high level of certainty Datawash will append the new or changed telephone number when clients provide the name, DPID and/or address and/or existing telephone number. We will also verify if we match your existing telephone numbers. Datawash can present new and changed numbers with various symbols, spacing, brackets, hyphens etc. to match a client’s database formatting

Datawash will search for Mobile and landline telephone numbers, and offer all of them as output.

Different data provided:
  • Local telephone number and prefix
  • Mobile telephone number
  • Address
  • Surname and initials
Confidence levels

Datawash specifies the level of confidence with each matched record.

  • At the same address only
  • Same surname, at the same address
  • Same surname and initial / firstname, at the same addresss